Web Design

Design unique, extraordinary and high quality custom web sites. EZ Webi's professional and highly skilled designers will work with you and will accompany you all the way through applying advance graphical techniques to come up with astonishment design to leverage your business two steps ahead your competitors.

Web Redesign

If your web site is not selling well, you are not getting phone calls or your web site is not getting enough clicks. Then, it is about time to renovate your website to improve the performance, to increase search ranking, to update the website with the latest trends, graphic and technologies. EZ Webi experts will change your old and underperforming website site to a modern, next generation master piece.

Web Development

EZ Webi developers are skilled and have years of experience in front and backend programming, data modeling and database design. We use the latest languages such as HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP. Our deliverables are well tested high quality products.

Responsive Web Design

Today and going forward more and more people are using mobile devices (smart phones, tablets) as their primary tool to surf the internet. RWD approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).

E-commerce, Online Store

EZ Webi experts will build for you the online store with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-store capability (franchise), reporting, order handling and more feature to improve quality, delivery on time and the most important your customer satisfaction.

Web Services Integration

With EZ Webi your site will be able to integrate to other site to retrieve or push essential information, such as search results, payments (banks, credit-card, Pay-Pal) and more. EZ Webi experts will be able to design for you sophisticated turn-key website that user will be able to perform all needed activity thru it without enforcing to be routing to other sites, copy & paste the information, etc. Your site will be include all the required functionality to complete the sell, order, purchase, payment, registrations, verification, security checks, activation, account creation, and much more.

Web Hosting

You don’t need to worry about where to host your website. Although there are many companies that provide this service, you can find it complicated and expensive. More importantly than anything, we eliminate for you the issue of you will have to resolve directly thru this company. Instead EZ Webi can do it for you, together with other services. We will be your focal point for any request, issue or a problem.

Domain Management

If you need someone to manage your domain name, here we are for you. We provide you with a clear crystal explanation that will make it easier for you to understand. It will be so transpaarent and inexpensive for you that you will love it. We eliminate the need for you to go through difficult technical terms that possibly you dont manage.

Email accounts

Personal email accounts using your domain name is another way to leverage your business identity and branding. EZ Webi will create for you any required number of email accounts for your business and each of your employee will become an ambassador in marketing your business.

Social Media Integration

Marketing your business thru a social media, i.e. being connected with social media today can help business to maintain contact with users all over the world, increasing their publicity and marketing. Adding social buttons to a website helps visitors to share the website content with their networking and by that to increase substantially the amount of traffic to your site.

Web Analytics & Reporting

EZ Webi experts will create for you complete view of real-time web analytics and will turn your customer interactions into actionable improvement plan. With intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports, you will be able to analyze, sort, filter and identify problems.

Logo & Branding design

A Logo is central visual element that identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of mark or icon and helps customer to discover, share and remember business brand. 5 principles of effective logo design are Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile and Appropriate. Take a look at our Logo. If you like it, give us a call and will design for you the right logo for your business.

Business Cards Design

We believe that using a business card is the efficient way and in some cases the quickest way to market your business, at least just after the business was established. EZ Webi experts have the inspiration and the vision to design for you the prefer business cards discovering your business, branding and logo.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

In today’s highly competitive online market you want your web site to be found by search engines. EZ Webi experts will optimize your website using SEO technique by constantly refining your internet marketing strategy, website navigation and page content. We will help you to make your website visible.

PPC - Pay per Click

With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) you can increase the marketing exposure by advertising your business on search engines. You put your message in front of potential customers. PPC is powerful but also complex and can be costly. You need to make sure that your monetary investment in PPC is efficient and you are getting maximum ROI (return on investment). EZ Webi experts will create, optimize, manage and measure your PPC campaigns, by creating text ads linked to relevant bidding keywords and optimized landing pages.

Email Marketing Campaign

Your Customers check their emails every day. Having your message appear in their inboxes is a great way to be in constant contact. EZ Webi designers will help you to design your professional emails, as newsletters, landing pages, sign-in forms, birthday or holiday greetings and more.

Social Media Integration

Social Media became very important part of a business’s web present. Marketing your business thru a social media, i.e. being connected with social media today can help business to maintain contact with users all over the world, increasing their publicity and marketing, generating quality links, creating relationships which will lead to more sales and long term marketing exposure. EZ Webi will design your Facebook pages and will add social buttons to a website to help visitors to share the website content with their networking and by that to increase substantially the amount of traffic to your site.